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Logo Guidelines

Viracon’s Graphic Identity Standards

The visual identification symbol for Viracon is the corporate signature, or logo. It is to the company what a handwritten signature is to a person: a unique graphic expression of individuality. Our logo is our company’s most visible symbol and stands for everything we do and say about our company. It reflects the integrity, stability and reliability our customers have come to depend on for innovation, trusted solutions and high performance. Letters, business cards, brochures, labels, advertisements, signs, soft goods and other visual materials that feature our corporate signature affect public perception of Viracon. As a result, it is important that Viracon project a clear, consistent and professional image. To ensure this, Viracon has developed a corporate signature and guidelines for its use. This corporate signature must be used in its entirety and reproduced from authorized original illustrations or EPS vector artwork. It may not be redrawn, re-proportionedor modified in any way. There are two versions of the corporate signature that you can use depending on the positioning statement desired and the size in which it will be reproduced. The corporate signature variations account for the need to adjust the size of the Viracon corporate signature to maintain clarity and avoid filling in at smaller sizes.

Click the links below to access / downlaod approved logo artwork and identity guidelines. Be sure to read the Graphic Identity Standards guide before using the Viracon logo. Viracon’s Marketing Department will provide original illustrations of the corporate signature and answer questions regarding its use.

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